Acharei Mot: Chapter 57

A man who had a mark on his face


The rabbis encounter a man with a mark on his face, and they deduce that he has transgressed the Torah through some kind of incest. The man confesses that he did lay with his sister, after which he intervened in an argument and was struck on the forehead. A doctor saved him by giving him spiritual healing, and the doctor was Rabbi Samlai. Because the man repents, Rabbi Aba cures his mark on the spot. The man promises to toil day and night in the Torah from now on. Another time, we hear that same man lecturing on the Torah, saying that evil people are rewarded in this world but that God will obliterate them in the World to Come, where they will be dust under the feet of the righteous. Anyone who transgresses the Torah is marked by the Torah so that the eyes of Hashem recognize him and warn others to stay away from him.