Bemidbar: Chapter 6

"His litter, that of Solomon," between north and south


The rabbis return to their discussion of the standards of the tribes that traveled with the Tent of Meeting. We hear that holy Yisrael will not bless the universe except through the Shechinah. The question arises how Yisrael could have seen the Shechinah when his eyes were dim with age, and the answer is that he perceived Her fragrance. We learn that the Shechinah is in the west, and are told of the importance of direction in the union of the Shechinah with the body. We read of the ten Hallelujah's in the five psalms and how a person accepts the yoke of the heavenly kingdom in the morning when he recites praises to God. The summary of this section is that if one wishes to create a unification, to put the lights in order, one must take upon himself the yoke of the Holy Kingdom in order to elevate himself through the hallowed connection of the south, Chesed. One must encircle the four corners of the universe, Chesed Gvurah Tiferet and Malchut, until he joins them together into one knot. And in the south he should arrange a place and dwell there.