Bereshit A: Chapter 6

"Let there be a firmament"


Three distinct spiritual energy forces permeate all existence. Using the language of metaphor, the Zohar identities these three forces as Right, Left and Central Columns. Right correlates to the positive [+] force, which manifests physically as the proton. Left signifies the negative charge [-], manifesting as the electron. Central is expressed through the neutron, the force that bridges the positive and negative poles. Just as the filament in a light bulb creates the resistance that generates light, the Central column corresponds to the cosmic force of resistance - the Firmament whose resistance produces illumination. Even sunlight striking a physical object requires reflection in order generate luminous energy. This model for arousing both spiritual and physical Light is mirrored within ourselves. Our left side corresponds to the negative pole [-], and to our Desire to receive. The right side signifies the positive pole [+], the will to share that resides in our soul. Our hearts and minds correspond to the central aspect. This is our free will, whereby we can choose to resist the Desire to receive and nurture the desire to share. This is the choice that arouses spiritual Light.

This section of the Zohar fills us with the power to resist our selfish desires. It strengthens our central column, which is our own free will.

We are blessed with the ability to create unity between opposite forces in our lives. We can become a bridge between opposing sides, and by so doing we can help to resolve conflict and confrontation. Kabbalah teaches that disunity among people is the source of all hatred and violence, regardless of who is right or wrong.