Bereshit B: Chapter 49
Soothing and asking permission

The Zohar discloses the importance of treating one's wife with the utmost love, honor, and respect. A man must make every attempt towards elevating his wife to the highest level. Here the Zohar is not simply emphasizing the need for moral and ethical behavior between a man and wife. Rather, the Zohar is revealing supernal secrets. The woman corresponds to the Sfirot of Malchut. She is the vessel, and is therefore responsible for manifesting Light for the entire family. Accordingly, the male must prepare and build the vessel if he hopes to maximize the spiritual Light to be received. The husband's actions arouse the Light in the Upper Worlds, while the wife manifests the Light in our world.

In pursuing their own religious goals, some men relegate their wives to a secondary position. Herein lies the difference between a religious mindset and a genuinely spiritual one. Spiritually, a man can never grow and develop without elevating his wife to her rightful place. From these passages, we draw the consciousness and inspiration to strive for this kind of marriage.