Beshalach: Chapter 13
"And the Angel of Elohim...moved"

In this section we read of the Great Queen, Malchut, into whose hands the Holy One, blessed be He gave His authority. She is called "the way to the Tree of Life," and when she travels, her camps travel with her. We are told that she is "the Angel of Elohim" in the title verse, and she is the messenger of all, both from below to above and from above to below. Anyone who desires to speak to the Holy One, blessed be He, must first notify the Queen, Malchut. The Congregation of Yisrael is also called Malchut, who are placed under her jurisdiction. Rabbi Yosi speaks about the pillar of cloud that always appears with the Shechinah. Rabbi Shimon adds that the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire, which are Abraham and Isaac, are both present in the Shechinah. To conclude, he says that the passage, "And the Angel of Elohim, who went before the camp of the children of Yisrael, moved and went behind them," means that he moved from the side of Chesed and joined the side of Gvurah, because the time had come to become attired with Judgment.