Beshalach: Chapter 14
"And...moved...and it came...and...stretched out"

Rabbi Aba tells us that at that moment the moon, Malchut, became attired on one side with the crowns of supernal Chesed, on the left side by the spears of Gvurah and on the third side by a purple garment called Tiferet. The number 72 is used repeatedly for emphasis and to draw together the various concepts. The 72 crowns in each of the three columns are combined in Malchut, and the Holy Name ascends from them, which is the secret of the Chariot. Rabbi Aba explains how the 72 letters are written and arranged. We learn that the Holy One, blessed be He, is perfect because He encompasses the left side and the right side and we must never forget that Judgment is part of His concealed nature, so we must be careful not to incur it.

Rabbi Yitzchak returns to the time when the children of Yisrael were trapped on the seashore with the enemy behind and the sea in front, and says that their prayers and cries to God awakened the collective light of above, and the sea executed the supernal laws. Rabbi Shimon adds that when the world needs Mercy the Holy One, blessed be He, takes pity and listens.