Beshalach: Chapter 19

"The chariots of Pharaoh and his host"


We are told that in the time to come, the Holy One, blessed be He, will wage a great and powerful war against the nations in order to honor His Name. Rabbi Yehuda narrates a dialogue between God and the angel who was appointed over the sea, wherein we learn that when He created the sea it was on condition that it would split for the children of Yisrael. Rabbi Elazar says that all the Chariots and hosts above were given into the hands of Judgment of Malchut, called the 'Great Sea' to break them in their level; when they were broken, then those below were broken and lost in the sea. He returns to the subject of the ten fingers of the hands, corresponding to the ten saying with which the Holy One, blessed be He was afterwards named. Rabbi Elazar says that all the ten plagues that He caused in Egypt were all by one hand, because the left hand was included in the right.

Now Rabbi Yitzchak begins to describe the seven firmaments created by God, in each of which stars are stationed and fly; above them all is Aravot, the seventh heaven. Above Aravot is the firmament of the four holy beasts, that are comparable to all those that are below them. He talks of the seven depths and the seven sanctuaries, then of the sea that is Malchut where all the fish swim and gather and descend, illuminating downward; all the Chariots are called by their name. The dominion of the Other Side is broken by the strong power of Hashem, at the splitting of the sea.