Beshalach: Chapter 20

"Your right hand, Hashem, is glorious in power"


Rabbi Shimon, speaking of the doe that is Malchut, says that a person who studies Torah at midnight comes with the doe to stand before the King, and when morning comes a thread of grace is drawn over him. As he gazes at the firmament, the light of understanding of the Holy Knowledge dwells upon him, and he is crowned with it. He says, "Hashem is near to all those who call upon Him, to all those who call upon Him in Truth," which means that he knows how to proclaim the unity of the Holy Name in his prayers, properly, and thus establishes a single nation in the world. Everyone who comes to pray without concentrating with his heart, is cast away.

Rabbi Shimon talks about "The Righteous perish," or "The righteous are lost," telling us that the Righteous are lost since blessings no longer dwell on him as they once did, and since the children of Yisrael, Malchut, have become distanced from him. In the time to come, his spouse will be returned to him. Man is really divided in order that he should later accept his spouse and the two should truly become one body. Rabbi Shimon compares this to "your right hand," which is divided in order to accept the left. In the time to come, in the time of Messiah, he says, "Your right hand, Hashem, has dashed (lit. 'will dash') the enemy in pieces." Then will be Armageddon and also the resurrection of the dead. Rabbi Shimon says that, at that time those who will remain in the world, those who are circumcised and received the Holy Covenant, shall be blessed.

Rabbi Chiya concludes that the pleasantness that sent forth light when God gave the Torah to Yisrael has been covered and concealed since the Temple was destroyed.