Chayei Sarah: Chapter 26

"Then again Abraham took a wife"


Here we learn that Kturah, Abraham's wife, was really Hagar, who had atoned for her transgressions and had taken a new name reflecting this atonement. The rest of the discussion focuses on the meaning of Abraham's bequest to Isaac of "all that he had." We're told that the two patriarchs should be included one within the other, since they represent the Right and Left Columns in the secret of supernal faith, which is Binah.


Man is endowed with three unique forces of intelligence - the Desire to Receive, the Desire to Share, and the free will to choose and manage between the two. Desire to Share is termed 'Right Column' by the Zohar. Abraham is the embodiment of Right Column and its particular sharing intelligence. Desire to Receive is termed 'Left Column,' and 'Isaac' is the vessel that expresses its energy of receiving. The absence of either Column creates an extreme imbalance. Thus, sharing without receiving quickly depletes our resources. If we pour water from a glass to share with others without replenishment, the glass will soon be empty. And receiving without sharing is like casting a dehydrated man into the middle of the sea. Though he is in desperate need of water, the overabundance eventually drowns him. Reading this section has a stabilizing effect on our spirituality and on the decisions we make. Intuitively, our choices begin to strike a delicate balance between knowing when to share and when to receive.