Emor: Chapter 31

The counting of the Omer and the holiday of Shavuot


We are told that Yisrael do not recite the Halel in full as in the days of Pesach since they are not yet properly whole and pure. We are told about the fifty days of purification, the purpose of which is to enter the secret of the World to Come, to receive the Torah, and to draw Malchut near Zeir Anpin. 49 of those days are all the aspects of the Torah, while the fiftieth day is the secret of the Torah itself. On the fiftieth day, Shavuot, the hidden is revealed. The two loaves of the offering are the secret of the two Shechinahs, the upper and the lower, that join together. Zeir Anpin receives from above and from below, from Binah and Malchut, because Shabbat is a secret above and below.

[Verse 186] We are given more details about the sacrifices and the offerings. We are told that the Kabbalah masters derive from the aspect of the Tree of Life; the rest of the people are from the side of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which are the permissible and the forbidden. Those from the Tree of Life are men whose Torah is the bread of God.