Ki Tetze: Chapter 14

"And the betrothed maiden cried out, but there was none to save her"


As the beginning of this section is missing, the meaning is not entirely clear, but it begins by talking about the daughter of sound, Malchut, who is in temporary exile until Moses will come for her. The title verse means that the Shechinah cries out for her children, Yisrael, but there is no one to save them until the savior comes. We learn that when the tablets were broken the Shechinah fell, and we are also told that the mixed multitudes cannot separate from Yisrael until the final redemption. Moses is said to be God's son, the Central Pillar. We hear about the joy that will be known at the time of redemption, and about the Destroyer, Anger and Wrath that are in the world now.