Lech Lecha: Chapter 26
"After these things"

In the material world, the Light of the Creator can only manifest through a physical medium or instrument, which Kabbalah refers to as a Vessel. Just as sunlight requires physical matter to reveal its radiance, spiritual Light requires a Vessel in order to express itself. Though many spiritual traditions teach renunciation of material existence, Kabbalah takes a very different view. Rather than meditating on a mountaintop above the fray and fracas of our daily existence, we must embrace the chaos of life, using it as an opportunity, as a vessel to reveal Light. Spiritual Light ignites in that momentary flash point of character transformation.


When we acknowledge and root out the negative, dark side of our nature, and confront chaos and conflict, we have the opportunity to change our nature. We must initiate the physical actions necessary to transform ourselves, change our world, and reveal the spiritual Light of the Creator. This portion strengthens us so that we successfully confront life's challenges and begin a process of self-transformation.