Lech Lecha: Chapter 25

Abraham, King David, and the other great spiritual giants of history, devoted their lives to easing the pain of the Shechinah, the collective universal soul that protects and assist us in the physical world. The Shechinah, possessing its own consciousness, experiences the collective pain of humanity when negativity and suffering abound in the world. Similarly, our consciousness and intent to ease the pain of the Shechinah serves to ease the pain of all mankind. Spiritual work cannot be ego-based. We must learn to feel the pain of others and dedicate ourselves to ending their suffering, as well as our own.


Many spiritual lessons and benefits radiate throughout these verses. We gain awareness of the global purpose of our existence, which is to diminish and remove our intemperate character traits that separate us from the Light of the Creator. Recognition of the impact that our actions have on both ourselves and all mankind is instilled within our consciousness.