Lech Lecha: Chapter 3
"Now Hashem said to Abraham"

Every soul undergoes a unique process of preparation prior to entering our physical realm. This process consists of promises and commitments made by the soul to the Creator. The soul pledges to embrace the spiritual path of change through Torah and Kabbalah during its lifetime. The specific Torah portion that relates to this passage of Zohar is Lech Lecha, which translates into Go You, Out of Your Country. The verse concerns God's call to Abraham to leave and go out from his homeland and enter into the Land of Israel. The story is a code and a metaphor concerning the journey of the soul as it leaves the Upper World on its sojourn into our earthly realm.


The perpetual pull and tug of the material world is of such magnitude that we forget our true purpose in life as we succumb to the illusions of physical existence. Hence, we need the Light of this portion to reawaken our desire to remain true to our own soul's original commitment to pursue the spiritual path.