Lech Lecha: Chapter 9
"So Abraham departed, as Hashem had spoken to him..."

It is explained that every man has angels who accompany him everywhere, recording every single action and deed, large and small. The Zohar then exaplins the Final Day of Judgment . The angels come forth during this time and present a list of all our actions, positive and negative, so that we can acknowledge them. The Zohar goes on to declare that no matter how negative a person's actions might become, we should never cast them aside and disregard them.


Mankind's nature is to disregard or justify its insensitive and intolerant behavior. Regardless, we are eventually held accountable for all of our actions. An awareness of the gravity and severity of our negative behavior, even apparently insignificant actions, is imbued into our consciousness by virtue of this passage. This will inspire us to treat others with the same compassion and tolerance that we desire for ourselves.