Miketz: Chapter 6

"Now Jacob saw that there were provisions in Egypt"


Rabbi Chiya offers a discourse on the subject of judgment, specifically the manner through which judgment is executed in this physical world. We learn that when a man transgresses, supernal justice - the laws of cause and effect - decrees that an immediate punishment should take place. However, The Creator, ever merciful, carries our burdens for us, and thus, He inserts time into the process, delaying the consequences of our crimes. This temporary postponement gives man the opportunity to repent and atone for his iniquities. Rabbi Shimon then expounds upon the power of sadness, how it banishes the Light of The Creator from our being. It therefore behooves a man to always maintain a positive outlook and pleased perspective, especially during trying times. As the Rabbi Yesa and Rabbi Chizkiah embark on their travels, Rabbi Yesa reveals that every man has a definite and clear-cut spiritual path laid out for him. The Other Side, however, constantly diverts man from his true path so that he ends up traveling treacherous mountains, as opposed to a lush green, sun-soaked valley.


When life appears to be calm and waters still, we must realize that The Creator is carrying all of our judgments for us. We should use these moments to repent and proactively uproot our negative traits. We should intensify and/or renew our commitments to the spiritual path before the weight of judgments becomes to great to bear and they come crashing down upon us without warning.