Mishpatim: Chapter 11

The threshing flour and the winepress


We are told that the Hebrew letters of 'winepress' are the initials of unison, holiness and blessing - this is the Shechinah, the blessing of God. God is always with one who is well versed in the Torah and the Halachah. Moses speaks of the two worlds, and says that for those who are clothed with the lowly body the spirit cannot see what is above it, but that one should 'Know what is above you - a watchful eye, an attentive ear, and all your deeds are recorded in a book.' He who is in the body has no permission to look at the angels or the Shechinah or the Holy One, blessed be He. Due to their sins, men are separated from God, who covers Himself with His wings. Yet in the time to come "yet your teacher shall not withdraw himself any more, your eyes shall see your teacher."