Noach: Chapter 25

The difference between Moses and other people in the world


Placing others ahead of ourselves is counter to the foundations of human nature. Even a righteous soul such as Noah did not possess a complete and selfless love for all mankind. The only person willing to sacrifice himself for all humanity was Moses. Though Noah did all that God asked of him pertaining to the building of the Ark, Noah did not argue with God on behalf of the people of his generation who were destined to perish in the flood. The people of Moses' generation were a stiff-necked and unappreciative lot, who knew no boundaries when it came to brazen, intolerant and negative behavior. But Moses still fought with God to spare his fellow man. Moses offered his own life in place of theirs, despite their constant betrayal and insurgency. We must begin the near impossible task of truly considering others before ourselves. The spiritual attributes that Moses possessed are available through the influences of the Hebrew letters that spell out this story.