Noach: Chapter 44

"And Hashem said, 'Behold, the people is one"


The biblical story of the Tower of Babylon holds within it secrets concerning the power of unity. After the great Flood, the people of the world spoke a single language, which was Hebrew. A group of people living in the city of Babylon was using mystical black arts in an attempt to control and dominate the world. These black arts were empowered by spiritual forces transmitted via the Hebrew letters. The Zohar states that even the Creator could not stop these evil magicians as long as they were unified by speaking the same language. The Creator therefore caused a fragmenting of their language, severing their lines of communication, and this shattered their unity. Unified evil will always have the capability to defeat and conquer good if disunity exists among the righteous. The only way to defeat unified evil is through total unity among the good. This portion of the Zohar helps inspire us to seek unity in all our relationships. We begin to recognize that the cause of any disunity is our own ego.