Pinchas: Chapter 29

The resurrection of the dead


Rabbi Shimon says that at the time of resurrection God will re-make a person from the remaining bone that has not disintegrated. We learn that all the souls of the righteous are concealed under God's throne, Malchut, and that the throne protects them so they can be returned. Rabbi Shimon says that wherever scripture does not explicitly state Hashem, the reference is always to Malchut.


The Zohar's discourse on the deep mysteries surrounding the Resurrection of the Dead sends forth a mystical energy force when our eyes behold these verses. The regeneration of our body, our soul, our cells, and our spirit transpires. The illusion of death is now pierced, ending the greatest fraud ever to be perpetrated against the human race. The notion of dying loses power as the truth of immortality begins to take hold in our consciousness, setting into motion the Final Redemption and the reality of Heaven on Earth.

Moses, the Faithful Shepherd, guards and protects us from the Evil forces of the night which rise out of hell each evening. The gates to Hell are herewith locked forever, while the gateway to Eden opens wide.

[Verse 167] Moses gives a warning to people whose hearts are blocked off and whose eyes are closed, for the forces of the evil inclination will enter into them. He says that all the lights in the eyes issue from the heart.