Pinchas: Chapter 30

"Into Your hand I commit my spirit"


Moses goes on to say that the lights of the heart are angels that spread throughout the limbs like the branches of a tree. He tells us about the evil effect of shutting off the lights, and says that an ignorant man cannot be pious because, unless he has studied the Torah, he cannot join Zeir Anpin and Malchut.


All forms of negativity and sin are purged from our body, purifying our souls as the Light of the Garden of Eden shines in our hearts and shoots out from our eyes. All evil spirits, such as Lilit, are liquidated as darkness is decimated by a flood of Light.

This lustrous Light heals ailments of the heart and cures sicknesses of the eyes.

Our dreams of the night are now of Eden only, as nightmares become extinct. David's name, invoked by the Zohar, imbues us with piety to preserve our soul and to annul all judgments. Malchut joins with Zeir Anpin, our world with the Upper World, completing and perfecting all existence, all by the redeeming hand of the Creator and upon the merit of a king named David.