Prologue: Chapter 6

The letters by Rav Hamnuna Saba


Individual energy forces, which express themselves as Hebrew letters, came before the Creator requesting that they be the instruments by which the world is created. The Creator eventually agreed to utilize the letter Bet ב, as this particular letter begins the Hebrew word Brachah [Blessing]. The Zohar then depicts the unique attributes of each of the twenty-two letters and the spiritual energy they emit. All these forces and their power of blessing are transferred to us when we visually scan the Aramaic text and learn the lessons it holds.

The letter Tav
The letter Shin
The letter Kof and Resh
The letter Tzadi
The letter Pei and the letter Ayin
The letter Samech
The letter Nun
The letters Mem and Lamed
The letter Caf
The letter Yud
The letter Tet
The letter Zayin
The letters Vav and Hei
The letters Dalet and Gimel
The letter Bet
The letter Aleph