Shlach Lecha: Chapter 16

Reading of the Torah


We hear about a tower of precious stone in the midst of other towers; it rises to the high firmament and is not yet visible. Upon it the head of the Yeshivah inscribed: "The name of Hashem is a strong tower: the righteous runs to it, and is safe." We are given an analogy whereby the tower is the ark in which the Torah scroll is kept. From here it is derived that the cantor of the synagogue must be righteous and of the form of the supernal righteous, Yesod, and that the sixth person called up to read the Torah must be righteous, as the sixth alludes to Yesod. We hear more marvelous details about the tower, and are told that in it there is a light in the form of a Torah scroll that will be read in the future by King Messiah. He will explain all the Torah matters to the students of the Yeshivah, and they will then be elevated to the Yeshivah of Metatron. We are told that no one could withstand seeing that Torah scroll except Messiah, as its letters are sparkling flames of four colors that are from a higher world.