Shlach Lecha: Chapter 8

The Holy One, blessed be He, has three worlds


We are told the secret that God has three worlds in which He is concealed. The first is the uppermost world of which nothing is known. The second is the world by which God is known. The third is the world below them where division exists, and it consists of Briyah, Yetzirah and Asiyah; this constitutes the world within which the highest angels dwell and where God is sometimes present and sometimes not. We also hear about three realms, the first of which is the realm of division, meaning this world. The second world, the terrestrial Garden of Eden, is the realm that is connected to the highest realm. The third world is the higher world that is hidden and secret. We hear that the children of God merit all three worlds. The Torah warns that people should not mutilate themselves in grief for the dead because the righteous dead are not lost and they exist in high and precious realms in a state of happiness. We hear that because of Adam's sin man does taste the taste of death prior to entering into the other realms. The conclusion is that God tells people that if they follow His paths and do His work He will bring them to good worlds and higher realms.