Shoftim: Chapter 3
"At the mouth of two witnesses...shall the matter be established"

Rabbi Shimon tells the Faithful Shepherd that the children of Yisrael are dry wood, being connected to secular fire, and that they do not deserve to have miracles performed for them. But as soon as Moses descends on them with the Torah the Tree of Life descends on them as well, and so does the mitzvah that is the candlelight of God - all for Moses' sake. Through that candlelight the heathen nations of the world will be burned. Rabbi Shimon talks about the two witnesses necessary in any trial, and says that even the walls of one's house will bear witness; the walls of one's house are said to be the inner walls of the heart, and the members of one's household are the 248 organs and limbs. Rabbi Shimon says that a wicked person's sins are even engraved on his bones. We learn that the reason sins are engraved on the bones is because the bones are white and the black script is easily recognizable. This is like the Torah with the white parchment and the black ink, black and white being darkness and light. In addition to this reason for the sins being carved into the bones, the body is destined to be reinstated with its bones, so all its merits and demerits are engraved there. If it is not worthy it will not be resurrected from the dead. Returning to the issue of the two testimonials, Rabbi Shimon calls them the seeing eye and the hearing ear. He says that even the sun and moon testify about a person, and he speaks a good deal about those who give testimony.