Tetzaveh: Chapter 9
The bread of the first fruits

We learn that two types of bread were eaten by Yisrael: when they left Egypt they ate matzah, the bread from Malchut; when they were in the wilderness they ate manna, the bread from heaven, Zeir Anpin. The question is asked why, now that Yisrael merited the higher bread, was leavened bread not abolished entirely? Why was the offering of the first fruits leavened bread? Rabbi Shimon explains that as soon as Yisrael had eaten matzah, leavened bread could no longer harm them. The chametz is burned on the altar and can have no power over Yisrael. When God gave the Torah to Yisrael He had them taste the supernal bread, manna, through which they knew and observed the teachings of the Torah. After these explanations Rabbi Shimon and his companions meet an old man holding a boy by the hand.