Tzav: Chapter 16
The four kinds and Hoshana Raba

This essay tells about the three boughs of myrtle, the two willows, the lulav and the etrog; these are waved to observe the precept and then the seven Sfirot above are stirred. We read of the infinite flow of abundance down through the Sfirot from Binah to Malchut, the Congregation of Yisrael. Waving the fresh branches draws blessings to this world. Rabbi Yosi says that on the seven days of Sukkot, actions are needed, not just words, and he emphasizes the number seven in regard to voices, Sfirot, days, and times that the altar must be circled. Rabbi Chiya explains that the illumination of Chochmah comes down and is revealed only with Judgment. Through the deed and sacrifice of the priest below, both the upper and lower are corrected. On the day that God orders the verdicts, Judgments are brought to an end and the evil tongue is ended in the world. God pronounces a decree and then it is referred to as though the punishment has already happened, although it is still to come. He tells of the necessity for the priests, the Levites and the children of Yisrael to participate in the sacrifice so that their transgressions will be atoned for.