Vaetchanan: Chapter 21

"And you shall love Hashem your Elohim"


Rabbi Yosi talks about the pleasure that God takes in the children of Yisrael when they are in their own land, and the anguish He feels when they are in exile. Rabbi Yosi emphasizes that there is no worship like the love of God. Rabbi Aba concurs, saying that love is the essence of the Torah. He says that you must love God with both your good and your evil heart and with your good and your evil soul. Rabbi Aba gives the example of Abraham, who gave up his own wishes, his son, his wife and his money for the love of God; this is why he was given the crown of Chesed, and why all the worlds were blessed for his sake. Rabbi Yosi tells the rabbis that the righteous have many dwellings in the world beyond, and the highest of all is for those who are connected to the love of God, and their chamber is connected to the highest chamber, that is called Love. Everything is called love and therefore whoever loves God is connected to that love.