Vayetze: Chapter 22

His thought was with Rachel


Jacob thought of Rachel while making love with Leah. This act cost Reuben his patrimony. This is a very important and insightful passage that illuminates the relation of thought to action. Wisdom can be seen on a man's face and in his eyes. On the other hand, whoever indulges in evil contemplation lives in lies, or false consciousness. Such a person is not to be able to see good when it comes. Accordingly, bad acts follow bad contemplation.


Consciousness creates reality. For this reason, the Other Side attempts to raise doubts, create uncertainties, and induce immoral and negative thinking. The great gift of contemplation and consciousness even has the power to determine the grade of soul that is drawn to an unborn child at the moment of conception. The spiritual influences of this passage help us abolish doubts and negative thoughts, particularly during moments of intimacy and times of adversity. It is then that we are most vulnerable, and it is then that the Other Side unleashes a mindstorm of negativity.