Vayetze: Chapter 27

To remember and to visit


Here the friends discuss the nature of luck in terms of remembrance in the upper world and the resulting effects in the world below. Good luck attends those without sin. Bad luck originates in remembrance on the other side, followed by a visit from its messengers, who are known as The Accusers. Their visit results in punishment and misfortune.


As with many of the Zohar's discourses, inner meanings are often obscured by the literal text. Good and bad luck are not authentic concepts. They are simply codes for the principle of cause and effect. We create our own luck through our behavior and interactions with other people. Actions that are selfish, abusive, or inconsiderate propagates misfortune in our lives which we mistakenly interpret as bad luck. The wisdom of this truth is awakened in our souls so that we may see the future consequences of our present actions.