Vayetze: Chapter 42

The images


In this verse, the rabbis comment wryly on the low nature of Laban's idols or "images." Laban communicated with the statues representing his gods, and thus was able to make black magic. Rachel took these images when she and Jacob fled, and hid them under her skirts in order to cure her father of idolatry and also to prevent him from successful pursuit.


The negative forces who dwell in our midst have the power to help us achieve many objectives in life, but there is a price to be paid at a later date. The rewards are short-lived and they leave a residue that creates chaos and turmoil somewhere in our lives. Idols do not refer only to statues depicting Gods. Anything that is ego-based - such as money, power, prestige and material possessions - is considered to be an Idol if it holds sway over our thoughts and behavior. Through the spiritual power of Rachel and Jacob, we are able to rise above the temptations and trappings of physical existence in order to discover the true and eternal treasures of life.