Vayikra: Chapter 64

The four kinds


Rabbi Yehuda says that man is called a tree, and that the woman that was taken from his side refers to the fruit of the citrus tree. He speaks as well about the palm tree that grows for seventy years. Rabbi Yosi says that the fruit of the citrus tree is an altar, Malchut, because all of the seventy years give Malchut a portion and she is blessed by them all. From this he deduces that whoever sins and renders the altar, Malchut, defective, sins against and renders all the seven Sfirot of Zeir Anpin defective. We read about zot, the altar anointed by Aaron; the children of Yisrael circle the altar during the Feast of Sukkot, thus bringing offerings for all the nations of the world. The altar is circled in order to supply it with blessings from the source of the spring, Binah. The numbers seven and seventy are heavily emphasized in this section for our consideration.