Yitro: Chapter 22

"I am Hashem your Elohim"


We are told that the Torah includes all the Sfirot, and that we must never forsake it. The commandments of the Torah cling to the body of Zeir Anpin, so that when a person sins he transgresses against the body of the King. When the Torah was given, Binah and her children, Male and Female, were in perfect harmony, but if a person sins it removes the mother from her children. Rabbi Elazar now tells us that God created heaven and earth simultaneously, one with His right hand and the other with His left. In the grade called 'righteous,' the newly created heavens longed for the earth, as a man longs to join with a woman, and a holy river of oil comes from the head of the King and pours itself out upon the earth just as the male injects seed into the female. Rabbi Yitzchak now asks where Hashem went when He came down upon Mount Sinai. Rabbi Yosi said He came lower and lower down through the grades until he reached earth, and He went toward the Shechinah who stood there. Hence Zeir Anpin descended and united with the Shechinah.