Yitro: Chapter 21

"The tablets were the work of Elohim"


We hear how the tablets of the Ten Utterances were of sapphire, and the letters were visible on both sides and composed of both black fire and white fire, from the left and the right. The rabbis are in some confusion about whether Elohim made the tablets specially or whether they were really 'just' sapphire as any other sapphire. Rabbi Shimon says the tablets were formed of the supernal dew which flows from Atika Kadisha, and that they pre-existed the creation of the world but were perfected on the sixth day of creation especially for this purpose. The miracle was that one could read one side from the other. We are told that the Torah actually literally restored the souls of Yisrael after they had flown away at the time that the people heard the words of God. The text now turns to the rule of Solomon, during which time the moon was full. When Zedekiah came, the moon waned and remained thus, so Malchut was removed far from Zeir Anpin, and became dark. The moon shone when Yisrael stood by Mount Sinai, and it shone when Judah was found worthy to receive the kingdom.