Acharei Mot: Chapter 11

"Sixty valiant men"


Rabbi Shimon tells us that the name Solomon (Shlomo) refers to Zeir Anpin, to whom the peace (shalom) belongs. We read about Malchut's aspect of harsh judgment and the fire guards and Metatron on whose side is the mighty bright sword and on whose other side are burning coals. The sword is received from the place called 'fear,' and night is the time for judgment. We read about the many creature aspects of the flow of Mochin, about the archangels and the crocodiles and the four shapes of the faces that appear. We read about large faces and small faces, about the judgments named hair, and many other wonders. In the end we learn that the priest needs to meditate on sublime matters, to bring holiness to the proper place and to expel the Other Side. If people knew the judgment that could come upon them they would pay more attention to their deeds and stop sinning. We are reminded that God has a covenant with those who study the Torah.