Bereshit A: Chapter 16

"Let Us make man," part two


Rabbi Shimon shares a lesson with his students, beginning with a question put forth to The Creator by an angel: Why, the angel asks, did The Creator bother to bring man into being, when it is already known that he will sin? Rabbi Shimon explains that when The Creator foresaw the sins of man, He in His infinite wisdom provided man with the power of repentance. But the students then ask their teacher the next logical question: Why did The Creator go to the bother to create evil and repentance? Why not just eliminate evil altogether? Rabbi Shimon explains that we were created with the ability to perfect ourselves through free will, choosing not to respond to our evil urges.

This is the only true way to fully evolve the God-like nature within our soul. We must be responsible for our own elevation and growth. During those times when we fail to use our free will and succumb to evil tendencies, repentance allows us to restore the Light we have lost.

This passage itself provides an opportunity to repent and change our ways. These sacred Hebrew letters, together with a genuine desire to change, can cleanse us of all negative tendencies. The only requirement is complete trust in the power of the holy Zohar.