Bereshit A: Chapter 28

Abel - Moses


The Zohar reveals a secret pertaining to Cain and Abel. Moses is the reincarnated soul of Abel, and Jethro, Moses' father-in-law, is the reincarnation of Cain. Metempsychosis - reincarnation - is an integral part of Kabbalah, and is secretly interwoven through all the stories of the Torah. In this connection, Kabbalah teaches that many of the crises that confront us in life are spiritual baggage from misdeeds in previous incarnations. Spiritual corrections not achieved in one life are carried over into the next. This process is called Tikune, or correction. As we make our visual connections to the ancient text of the Zohar, we can connect to our previous incarnations and make some spiritual corrections simply by meditating with that intention.