Bereshit A: Chapter 8

"Let the earth bring forth grass"


The verse "Let the Earth Bring Forth Grass" is a code that signifies the bringing down of souls into our physical world. The Zohar discusses a vast system of angels that form a communication network through which positive and negative influences travel. This network acts as an interface between the physical world and the Upper Worlds. Everything in the physical world is governed by angels, including every blade of grass, every creature in the sea, and mankind as well. Because our powers of perception are severely limited, the power of the angels is as invisible as the force of gravity. The influence of both, however, is quite real. Everything positive that occurs in our lives is a direct result of positive angels. Likewise, all blockages, turmoil, difficulties, and distress are the result of the influence of negative angels. Our own behavior determines which angelic influences are aroused in the world. By reading this section, we are given access to the metaphysical network of angels. We gain the ability to remove negative angels and to bring positive angels into our lives.