Bo: Chapter 5
"And it came to pass, that at midnight"

Rabbi Chiya and Rabbi Yosi pause during their traveling to pray, because it is important to be punctual with the Minchah service. As they continue on, Rabbi Yosi is contemplating leadership, and says that the world gains from good leaders and suffers from bad ones, and yet if the bad leader is punished for his sin, then the people are spared.

After it turns dark, the rabbis sit under a tree in some fear, until at midnight they see a doe, crying, and then they hear shouting, a voice saying that their Master is going into the Garden of Eden to rejoice with the Righteous. After this event, Rabbi Yosi returns to the story of the Passover, and wonders why the slaughter of the firstborn was not done in the daytime so everyone could see it, and why all were killed rather than just those kings and ministers and warriors who caused war. They wait until daylight and then go to Rabbi Shimon for an answer. Rabbi Shimon is speaking about the philosophies of the other nations of the world, and says that their faith is as nothing, since they comprehend neither supernal mysteries nor lower wisdom. He turns to the story of Creation, and says that God created the heavens with His right hand, Chesed, and that He created the earth with His left hand, Judgment. It is "this," Malchut,that draws them together; the Sfirah Malchut dominates at midnight in Mercy for Yisrael and in Judgment for the heathen nations.

Rabbi Shimon brings up the question of how Moses could have known it was exactly midnight, in the verse, "And it came to pass, that at midnight." He speaks of how Moses was from the highest levels, which no other man ever attained, and Moses surely knew that the night must divide in order to perform its functions; it performed its functions in the second half of the night at that time that Malchut dominates. We hear that Pharaoh, being wiser than his sorcerers, knew that Judgment would be executed against him and that his land would be destroyed.

To answer Rabbi Yosi's original question about why "every firstborn" was killed, Rabbi Shimon says this means that all the upper and lower levels were broken from their dominion. Because the Egyptians were holding Yisrael by sorcery, it took the strength and dominion of God to free them. Because of the three bonds of faith, the three Covenants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God saved Yisrael. Every holiday and festival and Sabbath is in memory of the deliverance from Egypt; that is the foundation and source of the Torah and all the commandments and the faith of Yisrael.

Rabbi Shimon says, Why was the judgment of Egypt not by day? Because the night opened knots and did revenge, being the secret of Malchut called 'night.' Rabbi Chiya and Rabbi Yosi praise Rabbi Shimon, as being the one who can open the gates of the secrets of Wisdom. Lastly Rabbi Shimon talks about watchfulness, the watch night, and the watchman; these allude to male and female, and wherever male and female are together all praise is directed to the male.