Emor: Chapter 24

The two bloods, of Pesach and of circumcision


Rabbi Chiya examines the verse from Shir Hashirim that begins, "I sleep, but my heart wakes...," and talks about the exile of Yisrael, and about the opening one must find to come into God. That opening is the gates of righteousness. Rabbi Chiya talks about the blood marked on the doorposts that was Yisrael's display of Faith at the time that God killed all the firstborn in Egypt. We read about the time of the full moon, when the Klipot are hidden away and the holy union is present. Rabbi Aba explains about the four cups that correspond to the four redemptions, and about the four grades or Sfirot that bond together. He tells Rabbi Yehuda why the Halel is not recited during the seven days of Pesach.