Idra Raba: Chapter 28

The forehead of Zeir Anpin


Rabbi Shimon says that the forehead of the skull is the supervision of providence, and that it is not revealed except when it is necessary to scrutinize the deeds of the wicked; then the world at large is given to trial except when Atik Yomin wishes to have compassion on Yisrael because their prayers ascend to Him. When God is aroused to delight in the righteous, the face of Atik Yomin shines in the face of Zeir Anpin; the forehead of Arich Anpin is revealed and shines upon the forehead of Zeir Anpin - this is referred to as a period of grace, when judgment is silenced and not executed. In the countenance of man there are correspondences to the brow of Zeir Anpin, wherein the six Sfirot are revealed. When the forehead of Zeir Anpin is revealed, all is in judgment because the brow of Adam is also revealed.