Idra Raba: Chapter 29

The eyes of Zeir Anpin


Rabbi Shimon describes the eyes of Zeir Anpin, and the black eyebrows to which are attached 700,000 observing supervisors. He describes the eyelids, and how when His eyes are opened they see the watchful open eye of Arich Anpin. He describes the red, black and green hues in the eyes, and how seven types of supervision emanate from those hues. We hear the meaning of the different colors and how He watches Yisrael and the heathen nations. During the opening of Zeir Anpin's eyes there is an opening for goodness and an opening for evil, but the eye of Atik Yomin is totally tranquil and serene since there exists no judgment in it; it is an eye of compassion. Rabbi Shimon says that when the Holy of Holies wants to have mercy on Yisrael He sheds two tears to perfume the great ocean of the uppermost Chochmah, so that the children of Yisrael can bathe in the spring that emanates from great wisdom.