Ki Tisa: Chapter 10

"Now therefore let Me alone"


Rabbi Yosi tells us that God is the most merciful Father of all, for He has never failed one word of all His good promises. Even though God threatened judgment, the Mother, Malchut, held His arm and averted that judgment. We are told that Moses did the same thing for Yisrael as she did, and Rabbi Yosi wonders where Malchut was at the time. When approached with this question, Rabbi Shimon says that all the friends who study Torah together must love one another, otherwise they cause a blemish in their counterparts above - Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who are the secret of Chesed, Gvurah and Tiferet. He says that he can reveal a secret he learned from the dean of the Yeshivah in the Garden of Eden, that when Yisrael joined in the sins of the heathen nation, they committed a sin against the Mother, Malchut. Thus they caused the Shechinah to be exiled with them, and exchanged their glory for the likeness of an ox. Rabbi Shimon tells us the secret of the likeness of the ox, and what it means that the ox "eats grass." The conclusion to be drawn is that the Mother was blemished, and was thus absent when Moses stayed the hand of God from judging Yisrael. Rabbi Shimon says, though, that both the one who raises the lash and the one who restrains it are both of the same mind.