Korach: Chapter 8
"But the Levites shall do the service"

Rabbi Aba tells us that when God wanted to create the world He did so with the Torah, and through it the world became perfected. When Adam emerged into the world the world was perfected, but when the spirits and demons emerged the world seemed to be faulty and lacking. However, when the children of Yisrael were sanctified the Levites were placed on the left side to restore the left. For this reason the Levites must be cleansed, for they who completed the perfection of the left side ended the flaw of the world. Rabbi Aba says that if judgment had not existed in the world people would not have followed the Torah nor would they have performed the entire service that has to be done for God, and which is done by the Levites. Rabbi Yitzchak tells us that in the future God will brighten the light of the moon to be as bright as the sun, and that He will brighten the sun seven times what it is now.

[Verse 42] Moses talks about the command to redeem the firstling, and that if one does not redeem his Nefesh and Ruach and Neshamah in the Torah he is destined to reincarnate again. He also speaks about the three times of exile and the last redemption.