Lech Lecha: Chapter 34
Night and Midnight

Specific judgments come to our world when the sun sets and night descends. At the stroke of midnight, another transformation occurs as the awesome and compassionate Light of mercy appears in the cosmos. According to the wisdom of the Zohar, whoever delves into the study of Torah during this time of Mercy, after midnight, shall merit a portion in the World to Come.

This mystery is conveyed through a story about Rabbi Aba and Rabbi Ya'akov. The two eminent mystics are traveling through a certain village and they take up lodging at an inn. The inn-keeper has built a complex apparatus that uses water, buckets, and scales to signal the arrival of midnight. These complexities and metaphors within this seemingly simple tale indicate the extreme importance of spiritual study after the stroke of midnight.


The compassionate Light of Mercy is aroused through the language that flows through this mystical text of Zohar. This Light helps us merit a share in the World to Come.