Miketz: Chapter 1

"He puts an end to darkness"


Rabbi Chiya introduces a discussion on the secret nature of good and evil. Rabbi Shimon then defines evil as "the end of the left;" that is, the lack of "remembrance" or connection between the Left and Right Columns. The friends relate this phenomenon to the dreams of Joseph and the Pharaoh. Joseph's dream of a river signifies the end of darkness and evil, and the beginning of peace and plenty.


The energy arising from the mystical shapes of the Hebrew letters enlightens us to the severity of our negative actions and their consequences. Negative behavior rooted in the Left Column refers to selfish indulgence without regard or concern for others. Awareness and careful management of both Columns - of receiving and of sharing - bring lasting Light to our lives. Inattention to either Column creates imbalance. Sharing without receiving [Right Column without Left Column], for example, quickly depletes our resources. If we share water from a glass without replenishment, the glass will soon be empty. Receiving without sharing is like casting a dehydrated man into the middle of a raging sea. Though he is in desperate need of water, overabundance eventually drowns him. Reading this section has a stabilizing effect on our spirituality and on the decisions we make. Intuitively, we begin making that strike a delicate balance between knowing when to share and when to receive.