Miketz: Chapter 2

"And it came to pass at the end of two years"


Here the rabbis discuss Joseph's sojourn in Egypt. Joseph is compared to King David, who at a later time occupied a similar position in relation to the world above and the world below. "The king by justice establishes the land but he who exacts gifts overthrows it." The king is the Pharaoh of Moses' time. His lack of faith and his inability to interpret the true meaning of his dream bring destruction to his realm.


Joseph's sojourn in Egypt is a metaphor for the soul's human incarnation in the material world. Joseph represents the soul, and Egypt, the negativity of the body. King David also represents the realm of Malchut, our lower dimension. Man's spiritual work is to rise above the temptations of material existence by removing the blinders that prevent us from recognizing the Divinity in the world, the foolishness of our negative behavior, and the consequences of our negative deeds. This elevated consciousness is stimulated by reading this section.