Miketz: Chapter 11

"And took from them Simeon"


This passage comments on the mercy Joseph shows his brothers. The commentators assert that even idolaters are not punished if they live in peace. The secret meaning of circumcision and its relation to the Covenant are also discussed. Whoever is charitable in this world is free of harsh judgment in the next. Thus, like Joseph, we are encouraged to turn the other cheek and leave vengeance to the Lord.


Judgments decreed against us are measured and meted out in accordance to the degree and severity of the judgments we pass on our friends and foes. Trust in the Creator encompasses certainty in the laws of cause and effect, which dictate that all our enemies will be correctly judged without our having to participate in the correction process. A person who has attained spiritual enlightenment accepts any wrongs committed against him as payment for negative actions he may have committed in the past. This wise perspective is stimulated by the Divine Light of this Hebrew script.