Noach: Chapter 42

"A city and a tower"


Kabbalah differs from other spiritual teachings in that we are not called upon to separate ourselves from the physical world of chaos. Instead, we embrace chaos to eradicate our negative traits and to nurture transformation. Throughout history, this has been a difficult endeavor. The peoples of the past, such as the generation during the time of the Tower of Babel, chose the easy path to spiritual Light, with dire consequences. We must be careful not to fall into that same trap.

In the biblical story, a group of evil people seek to build a tower that will reach Heaven. They intend to challenge God and seek world domination. Join this para with the next

The Zohar quotes the verse from the Torah: And they said, come, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach to heaven: and let us make ourselves a name.

The Zohar reveals that the terms City and Tower allude to the highest levels of the dark spiritual forces. The word name refers to the Names of God, or the power of the Hebrew letters. It is the letters that will allow the evil ones to access negative spiritual forces. God then confuses their language, creating seventy other tongues so that the power of the Hebrew letters can never be used for destructive purposes.

This section helps us to remain true to our spiritual path, and stops us from falling to the temptations of paths that always appear easier.