Pekudei: Chapter 50

The fifth chamber of love - Chesed


Rabbi Shimon says that the fifth chamber lights up the lower ones, shining in the secret of the faith. The spirit of 'Love' lives in the chamber - he is called 'Suriyah', and consists of four colors. He has been given all the secrets of his Master. In this chamber all the supernal treasures and the mystery of mysteries are kept. The four colors mentioned join to produce the holy living creature called 'splendor' (Zohar). The chamber holds all the souls and spirits that are still destined to descend into bodies; however, no new ones have come in since the destruction of the Temple. Once they have all descended to be men, the chamber will be empty and Messiah will come. The spirit 'Love' and the living creature 'Splendor' mate to produce two lights that are included in each other and that are called 'El Shadai'. We are told how people are sent spiritual nourishment so they will not be starved by the Other Side, and how two officers in this chamber cause the love to flow between Yisrael below and God above. All the acts of kindness in the world go up to this chamber and then go further up to the supernal love. A verse about this chamber says: "Many waters cannot quench love, nor can the floods drown it..."